Victoria’s Secret PINK: 2pcs set


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This 2 pieces set consists off Victoria’s Secret Pink collection invisible thong and adhesive bra. This raw-cut style is totally invisible even under your tightest clothes. From our No-Show Panty Collection by Victoria’s Secret PINK.


  • Nude color

  • Adhesive silicone can be worn up to 25 times
  • Lightly lined padding
  • Instructions for use and care included
  • Reusable plastic case for storage or travel
  • Imported polyester


  • Raw-cut edges
  • No show through
  • Low rise
  • Imported polyamide/spandex

Our advise for wearing adhesive bra’s:

  • It is super important to properly dry your breasts when putting on a sticky bra. Otherwise, the adhesive on the bra will never stick on properly, and you will spend your fancy night out feeling uncomfortable. So do ensure you sponge your breasts dry with a towel before trying on your bra.
  • Don’t use lotion or cream where the bra needs to stick to your body.
  • Press the bra on in the proper breast angle
how to wear stick on bras, How To Make That Stick-On Bra Actually Stick! (8 Dos & Don’ts) | POPxo, how to wear stick on bras
  • Once you’ve applied your bra on, remember to smooth each cup with your hand. If you don’t, the wrinkles on the bra will leave a wrinkly effect on the dress you wear over it.
  • Don’t peel it off suddenly or you will lose all the adhesive on the bra very easily and will not be able to wear it another time! It is important to carefully peel off the bra from your breasts while removing it.
  • Hand-wash the bra after wearing.


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