The Cello is very close to an Hourglass as they are both women with fabulous curves. The Cello waist is also short but not as small, and the figure is on the fuller end of the scale. They might feel a little pear shaped because of their big bottom, but the broad shoulders and big boobs balance it out.
The Cello have large boobs, short waist, big hips, big bottom, big thighs, broad shoulders and slim lower legs.
Supermodel Tara Lynn is a full figured Cello, and anyone should be proud to share her body type.
For the Cello, It’s all about daring to show yourselves of a little.

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The perfect lingerie advice:
– Cellos have what it takes to carry off almost anything in terms of boldness and can pull of strong prints or fussy details that would simply swamp other body types.
– Keep the bottom half simple.
– Don’t be afraid to use bold pieces and display your attributes up top!

Cellos come in many different sizes. Serena Williams being one very fit and well toned version, to Oprah Winfrey at her largest. Dare to be bold and wear things those little women would be overwhelmed in!


Feel that Cello is not exactly you ? Try the hourglass figure.