If you’ve got a bell body shape then you equally have a small bust and shoulders, with a short and small waist in addition to an ample bottom and thighs.

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The Bell shape is often simply the result of a bit of middle age spread. In younger years you Bells may have been fairly petite with a nicely rounded bottom but further into life this round peach has succumbed to a bit of middle aged spread.

To combat this you need to need to try to balance out your top and bottom halves rather than simply just cover everything up. The easiest way to do this is to make your top half subtly more prominent so the focus is held there with detail and color and dress more plainly on the bottom half so that your bum and thighs are minimized and don’t draw the eye.

The key is to draw attention to the feminine highlights like your small shoulders and neck so anything that helps with this is perfect including fussy necklines and elaborate necklaces. Keep the bottom half simple.

The Pear and Skittle are closely related body shapes, so take a look at them if you feel the Bell is not quite the right shape for you.